Email Management Powered by Amazon SES

SimplerSES is an email delivery platform, which lets you send emails using Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).

Get advanced analytics, templating, A/B testing and bounce filtering.
All powered by a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure.

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Send marketing emails 100x cheaper using Amazon Simple Email Service.


Get detailed insights per campaign delivery. Easily export and recreate new lists from individual response segments.

Batched Emails

Sending out emails to a large subscriber base? Deliver emails in batches to prevent being flooded with responses.

A/B Testing

Create and test multiple variations for your newsletters. Test, compare and fine tune to improve your deliverability.

Email Blacklists

Bounced and spam marked emails are automatically blacklisted reducing cost and improving delivery.

Subscriber Lists

Upload and manage your subscriber lists online. Easy export/import options and filters make management a breeze.

Transactional API

Want email delivery for your app? Use our API to get finer control for who, what and when to deliver to.